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A nonprofit organization in Colorado with the vision of bringing children and teenagers of all abilities together. Their mission is to help our communities support and accept all children, teenagers, and their families by providing consistent education, events, and sensory-friendly inclusive opportunities.

All profits from these books are donated to Kids Included! Of Colorado.


Supporting The Puzling Adventures Book series Is One Way To Promote Inclusion

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Spread awareness about children who have special needs in your community with these books.

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The Puzling Adventures are a children’s book series that brings to light the challenges children with special needs confront and the importance of inclusion. This books series highlights the challenges that children with special needs face in the school, home, and community environments. It is a tool that teaches the next generation about the issues relevant to these children is important to cultivate a society that genuinely understands, accepts, and includes children who are not neurotypical.


What is inclusion and acceptance?

Inclusion: Providing opportunities for students with special needs to participate with and learn alongside their peers

Acceptance: for children with special needs and their families to engage and participate in their communities without judgment, stereotyping, or alienation


Why These Books Make A Difference


The books deliver a powerful message about overcoming adversity while also being fun to read. The storylines normalize atypical behaviors so that children learn how to accept and include others of all abilities as well as advocate for themselves. This series provides a way for parents to teach their children about inclusion and acceptance, which is a value that every parent hopes to instill in their children.

The books deliver a powerful message about overcoming adversity while also being fun to read.img_3577

To guarantee that the next generation is accepting and inclusive of all individuals, it is necessary that the behaviors children with special needs exhibit and the challenges that they encounter are talked about and understood. Picture a boy in his classroom who pushes his classmates and runs away. They might not understand why he acts the way he does and they might be scared of him. If his classmates know that loud noises overwhelm him or that he is sensitive to touch, they will better relate to that child and be more accepting of his atypical behavior. This book series helps to explain atypical behaviors and the reasons behind them, which ultimately breaks down barriers between children.


Education about these issues, along with positive interactions between children of all abilities and disabilities, will cultivate an accepting and inclusive culture in the next generation. These books provide a way to achieve this.

Who Benefits From These Books

These books are designed for children with different or special needs in mind. However, any child who struggles with a challenge that prevents him or her from feeling successful will benefit from these books. The challenges addressed in each story are relevant to every child, regardless of his or her ability. All children confront these challenges or similar challenges during their childhood. Further, as a parent of neurotypical children, this is a great opportunity to teach your children about children of different abilities and the importance of accepting and including others. Although these books are suitable for ages three to thirteen, parents and adults also enjoy reading them!