What Is A Puzling?

These books feature imaginary characters called Puzlings. What is a Puzling? Good question! A Puzling is an imaginary creature who lives in a world similar to the world in which people live. Each book features a Puzling who has a special need; this Puzling overcomes a challenge as the community learns to accept and include him.

Meet The Puzlings

Poz The Puzling


Poz The Puzling has a hard time fitting in with the other Puzlings. He tries to do everything the other Puzlings do, but he struggles to do them. Poz feels badly about himself. Read When Someone Is Different to find out how Poz figures out his way to fit in.

Puzoo The Puzling


Puzoo The Puzling hates to brush his teeth. The toothbrush and toothpaste feel uncomfortable. Puzoo has to go to the dentist because his teeth are turning green. Puzoo is embarrassed by his green teeth and he feels nervous about going to the dentist. Read The Puzlings and the Case Of The Green Teeth to find out how Puzoo gets rid of his green teeth and survives his dental appointment.

Puzzle The Puzling


Puzzle The Puzling is afraid of everything. He cannot keep scary thoughts from popping into his head and it prevents him from trying new things. Puzzle is so scared that he cannot get out of bed. Read The Puzlings and the Case Of The What-Ifs to find out how Puzzle overcomes his case of the what-ifs and is able to go on adventures like the other Puzlings.

Pezzy The Puzling


Pezzy The Puzling has a hard time making eye contact with the other Puzlings. He has so much to say, but no one ever knows when he is talking or listening. Pezzy feels lonely. Read The Puzlings and the Case Of The No-Looks to find out how Pezzy overcomes of his case of the no-looks and has conversations with the other Puzlings.