The Basics:

  • A series of children’s books focusing on the special needs population
  • Seven books available in the series
  • The books are designed to be read to a child
  • Relevant to all children, with or without a special need

The Puzling Adventure Series:

When Someone Is Different 

In this book, the Puzlings live in the snowy mountains of Puzville. Living in such a cold climate, the Puzlings spend their days doing winter activities. Every Puzling is an expert at doing them. Poz the Puzling is different. He hates these winter activities and is not very good at them. Poz feels badly about himself and gives up on being a real Puzling. The other Puzlings must rethink what makes a Puzling a Puzling and decide if Poz is a real Puzling after all.

The Case of the Green Teeth

In this book, the Puzlings live in a little village at the end of a windy path. They have white teeth that are always clean. Puzoo the Puzling is different. He hates brushing his teeth. He refuses to brush his teeth and now they are turning green. Puzoo has to go to the dentist to get his green teeth cleaned and he is so nervous that he wants to run away. He must find a way to be brave enough to let the dentist brush his teeth. If Puzoo does not start brushing his teeth, his teeth will stay green forever.

The Case of The No-Looks

In this book, the Puzlings live in a crowded town at the end of a busy street. They love to talk more than anything else. To help everyone know who they are in a conversation with, the Puzlings use their bodies and eyes. Pezzy the Puzling has a problem. He feels uncomfortable when he makes eye contact with the other Puzlings. Pezzy must overcome his case of the no-looks and learn how to make eye contact with the other Puzlings before they stop talking to him altogether.

The Case of the What-Ifs

In this book, the Puzlings live on a tropical island. Every Puzling loves to play, relax, and try new things except for Puzzle the Puzling. Puzzle is scared to try anything new or to do anything outside of his house. He always asks, “What if something bad happens?” The other Puzlings do not invite Puzzle to do things because they know that he will be too scared. Puzzle becomes so scared that he is afraid to leave his bed. If Puzzle does not overcome his case of the What-Ifs, he will not make any friends or have fun doing the things that the other Puzlings do. When he is given a shiny pin to pop his scary thoughts, will Puzzle learn how to think of happy thoughts and do the things that the other Puzlings do or will he always be too scared?

The Case of the Wiggles


In this book, the Puzlings are creatures who live in Puzcity. Every Puzling sits to do almost everything. Puzig has trouble sitting still without wiggling. He wiggles so much that he is always getting in trouble. Puzig feels badly about himself. Will he be able to overcome his case of the wiggles so that he can make friends, learn in school, and play with his family at home?

The Case of the Musical Concert

This is the fifth book of The Puzling Adventure book series. In this book, the Puzlings are creatures who live in a castle. Every Puzling listened to the concerts in the music hall, even though there were many concert rules that the Puzlings had to follow. Puz did not understand why there were so many concert rules. She believed that the Puzlings should express themselves with singing and dancing as they listened to the music. As the music started to play at the next concert, Puz expressed herself the way that she wanted. Will the Puzlings embrace Puz’s new way of listening to music or will Puz be banned from future concerts?

The Puzlings Learn About Inclusion


This is a teaching book for children of all ages (preschool and up) and is perfect for teaching inclusion in the classroom. In this book, the Puzling puzkids need your help. There are some new puzkids in town who look or act differently from what the puzkids are used to. Some of these new puzkids use wheelchairs, some of them talk using sign language, and some of them flap their arms. The puzkids need to figure out how to accept and play with these new puzkids so that everyone feels included. They cannot do this alone. The puzkids need your ideas! After you help the puzkids include everyone, you can test out your ideas in real life and see how inclusive you can be!

The Puzalings and the Puzville Pollution

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(This is the original Puzaling book and is not a part of The Puzling Adventures. Available on Amazon and Createspace.)

Book Specifics 

  • Paper back 
  • Full color
  • 18-26 page 
  • 8.5”X8.5